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Computer Upgrades and Repairs

Is your computer running slow or maybe you’re not ready to invest in a new computer, call Elite PC Experts, LLC for help at 1.630.366.1976. We can get your computer running like new again.

Computer Upgrades (Desktop or Laptop)

Not ready for a new computer? At Elite PC Experts, LLC, we can upgrade components and software to make you computer run like new and in some cases, perform better than it did when it was brand new.

Whether it’s replacing a hard drive, upgrading RAM, power supply, cd/dvd drive, sounds cards or video cards, Elite PC Experts, LLC can get the job done.

Computer Repairs (Desktop or Laptop)

Is your computer not working correctly? At Elite PC Experts, LLC, we can repair your computer so that it works and functions like new.

Whether it’s repairing a LCD screen, securing loose components, repairing connectors, or fixing your keyboard, Elite PC Experts, LLC, can get the job done.

Computer Upgrades and Repairs Pricing (Labor Rates Only Unless Other Stated)

Drive Installation & Test (CD,DVD,Hard Drive) $40.00

Peripheral Installation & Test (Video,RAM/Memory,Sound,Wireless Card) $40.00

Power Supply Installation & Test $40.00

Mother Board Replacement (Includes new thermal compound, system
cleaning,testing new board) $125.00

Laptop Repair

Is your LCD screen dark or displaying strange colors? Do you need a new power adapter or batter? Does your LCD screen no longer hold itself up? Call Elite PC Experts before even thinking about buying a new laptop or ordering parts from any retail store! Let us give you a quote on your laptop repair before you make a costly decision!

Pricing varies depending upon repair details. Call us at 1.630.366.1976 for more information!

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OH MY WORD!!! YOU are a life saver. I was freaking out and as soon as I prayed Dawnie called and there you were my angel God sent me. LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much couldn't have done it without you or God :) Saundra N. - - February 12, 2012

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